How To Travel With A Suit

If you have to attend a business meeting in another state or country, you’ll want to be impeccably dressed for the occasion.

However, if you choose to wear a suit on the D-day, you’ll need to know how to travel with your suit without getting it rumpled.

In this article, we’ll be discussing ways you can easily travel with a suit and retain its neat look.

How To Travel With A Suit

1. Wear The Suit

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This method is recommended if you are going on a short trip and you really don’t want to pack many bags. Get a duffel bag or a small box, pack your necessary items and wear your suit.

When choosing a suit to wear, select a suit that is less subject to wrinkling. For example, linen is a good pick, it’s a light material. Cotton suits won’t fit this purpose, they are likely to be wrinkled even before you board the flight. Wool is another good option, its made of breathable fabric.

You should also choose a dark colored suit if you want to wear your suit to travel. This is because they tend to appear less wrinkled than light colored ones.

Another advantage of using this method is that the plane might get cold at some point, your jacket will be useful to keep you warm. If you want to take it off in flight, you can simply beckon a flight attendant to help you hang it in a convenient place.

Lastly, your dressing matters no matter where you’re going. When you dress up in a suit to board a plane, you’ll strike people as a serious, business person. Who knows, you might just bump into someone with similar interests as you, and perhaps get a business lead or deal.

2. Fold It

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The next tip is to fold it, many of us tend to fold our suits wrongly and it comes out wrinkled when we pull it out of our suitcase.

Now, let’s explain how to fold and pack your suit in a bag the right way.

The Inside-out Method:

This method is advisable if you are traveling with a smaller bag like a duffel. The steps are outlined in this post.

Use a Plastic Drycleaning Bag:

This is when you are traveling with a suitcase. Put the suit into a plastic drycleaning bag, fold it in half and lay into your suitcase.

3. Use a Garment Bag

First, you have to find out if you are allowed to carry your suit in a garment bag as hand luggage.

If you can carry the garment bag as a piece of hand luggage, hang your suit with a hanger and put it in a garment or hanger bag. You can ask a flight attendant to hang the garment bag for you or fold it in half and shove it in the plane’s overhead compartment or beneath your seat.

4. The Rolling Method

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This is my favorite method because it saves space in a box or duffel bag and the suit doesn’t come out wrinkled.

Here is the perfect way to roll a suit:

  1. Lay the suit jacket and the trouser on a table or on a bed preferably.
  2. Stretch them out properly and let the rolling start.
  3. Fold the suit into two and make sure the arm is not crumpled on the inside.
  4.  Insert a rolled shirt in the shoulder part so it evens it up.
  5. Next, you have to fold the trouser in half and make sure there are no wrinkles.
  6. Lay the pant on the suit and roll it, starting from the top of the jacket where the shirt is.
  7. Put it in a plastic bag and tie it, it will help in case something spills in your bag (the plastic bag is optional).
  8. Put it in your duffel bag and you are ready.

Important Things To Do When You Get To Your Destination

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No matter the technique you use, make sure you hang the suit in the open when you get to your destination. If there are wrinkles, it will fade away.

Another thing you can do it’s to invest in a small portable steamer just in case you are a regular traveler, you can use it to straighten your suit after a long journey. You can also hang your suit in the bathroom and turn on your shower, put on the hot temperature to let steam enter the suit, to make it suitable for wearing.

Make sure you hang your suit properly outside the bathroom after steaming it, the wrinkles will not only fade away, but the suit will look fresh too.

Over To You

So that’s it, we’ve given you tips on how to pack your suit when you are traveling.

Is there any tip we missed? If yes, we’ll love to know. Also, if you enjoyed this post, let’s also know by leaving a comment. We’ll be happy to continue the conversation in the comment section.

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