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Are Shoes Important For Digital Nomading?

Digital nomads travel a lot, so they may not be able to keep up with traditional days off. They have a lot of travel due to the nature of their jobs and need shoes that will function well in different climates. This is important because people like this need shoes that are easy to pack without taking up too much space.

Another consideration is the weather you'll encounter. Due to the nature of digital nomad work, you will likely encounter a lot of different weather conditions. For example, you may be working from an office in Turkey and then have to go to Bali for 6 weeks. If the shoe is not light or flexible, you will not be able to wear it when it is hot outside. Another example is if you are going somewhere with a cold climate or rainy season. Having soaking wet feet is uncomfortable and can cause serious health issues, along with causing blisters to develop more quickly on your feet.

In addition to the weather, please consider the terrain that you will be traveling on. If your feet are sore from walking for multiple days in a row, using shoes that are not supportive can cause problems. Many times the best shoes for digital nomads are those that offer arch support and a lightweight sole.

What To Look For In A Quality Travel Shoe

A shoe that is designed with the digital nomad in mind needs to be lightweight and functional. Heavy shoes may look good, but can quickly become burdensome when you find yourself walking a lot.

Vessi Digital Nomad Shoes

1. Weight

The shoes should be lightweight. Shoes that are too heavy can cause pain, blisters, fatigue, and even make you lose your balance. The weight of the shoe also needs to be distributed properly. When walking for a long time, you will need support from the arch of your foot as well as the ankle to prevent fatigue.

2. Arch Support

Lightweight shoes are not necessarily good for those who have problems with their arches, so look for shoes that offer arch support as well as a good heel strike. This is particularly important because the heel strike can cause serious health problems if it is not well supported.

3. Breathable Materials

When looking for the best shoes for digital nomads, you'll want shoes that have breathable materials such as leather or mesh to allow your feet to stay dry. You don't want your feet to get wet and stay wet for a long time because that can cause many health issues. In addition, it can make you more susceptible to blisters or fungus infections in this area of your body.

4. Waterproofing

A good pair of shoes needs to be waterproof. Even if it doesn't rain, the humidity in many areas can be enough to make your feet damp. This can lead to infections such as an athlete's foot or a fungus that causes toenail damage. Breathability in a waterproof shoe is also important to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

5. Ankle Support

Another aspect of a good shoe is ankle support. This is particularly important in areas where you may be walking or hiking for a long time or going uphill, downhill, or on rocky terrain. A supportive shoe will make it easier to do these things and will reduce foot fatigue as a result. The ankle has an important role in supporting the arch in your foot and if it isn't properly supported, this can cause problems with your arches as well.

6. Flexibility

You will also want a shoe with some flexibility so you can move your feet freely when you are walking. A shoe that is too restricting can cause pain and blisters.

7. Grip

If you are working in an environment where there are a lot of hours of standing or sitting, you will want a shoe that has good traction to help prevent slipping. In many buildings, you will find slick tile floors that can be easy to slip on if you come out of the rain without any tread on your shoes. A good grip also makes it easier to climb stairs, which you may have to do often in some remote workspaces or to get to your hotel room or apartment.

Waterproof Travel Shoes For Digital Nomads

The Best Digital Nomad Shoes

Our preferred shoe for all-weather digital nomads is the Vessi brand. They are machine washable and come in a variety of colors. They are also quite versatile in that they can be worn with socks, or barefoot.

The best thing about Vessi shoes is that they are waterproof. This is important when you want to pack only a single pair of shoes and traveling somewhere that has unpredictable weather. These shoes can be worn in any weather and the water will not affect them or get inside to your feet.

In addition, they are lightweight and have some flexibility so they won't cause you to have pain and blisters after a long day of walking. Most Vessi customers praise these shoes for their overall comfort and extremely low weight.

The Vessi shoes are also flexible which is important for all-weather digital nomading. If you are traveling in cold weather and plan to walk outside a lot or to hike uphill or downhill – these shoes will offer optimal support.

Finally, these shoes are also quite affordable compared to other brands that are waterproof, which makes them a great choice for people who want to minimize spending on shoes while traveling. They look very good as casual shoes you can wear around town and on any adventure.

If you are looking to really dress up with slacks you might consider another pair of shoes, but for more formal wear you will need a separate set of shoes from your everyday pair regardless.

Other Great Travel Walking Shoe Choices

Steady State's are a casual shoe with some support for your feet when you're on the go all day, including runs in the rain or running up the stairs.

Another good shoe for digital nomads is the Keen Men's Low Top Hiking Shoe. This is an extremely comfortable shoe even if you wear it with socks because of its unique construction. and breathable and have a removable insole. This means that you can add an insole for extra support if you need it and then swap it out for something more comfortable when you're done.

The Nike Free Run 3 is another option that is good for digital nomading because it is lightweight, flexible, and has a great grip even on slick surfaces. The main drawback to this shoe is the lack of arch support, but many people do not need this specific feature.

For those who want to travel light, the Boglioli Moka is great for single-day trips. It can be packed in a carry-on bag without taking up too much space.

Our final suggestion to look at for a digital nomad shoe is the Skechers Go Walk Low with all-day wear comfort and cushioning.

Nike Free Run 3 Travel Shoes

Nike Free Run 3 Shoes

In Conclusion

Good walking shoes are an essential part of your digital nomad kit. Walking helps you move around a new city and discover all that you can see. The right shoes are good for any type of weather, and even have some flexibility so they don't fall apart after a long day of walking. If you're traveling in cold weather, wearing a pair of these shoes will provide support for your feet while you walk downhill or go on climbs. For digital nomads who travel often, the Vessi shoes are good because they are waterproof and have some flexibility. This shoe also has a low price tag and can be your go-to option for everyday use.

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